Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer

There are many articles out there that teach you how to promote your gym and services. But if you are a personal trainer who works one on one with your clients in helping them reach their goals, those articles are not going to help you.

If you are a personal trainer looking to build new quality clients, here are some tips:

First Impressions

A simple first impression can leave a last effect on your clients. Being a personal trainer, you will build many different professional relationships. In order to do that you need to be approachable and friendly. Just by saying hello and putting on a bright smile on your face shows your positivity, confidence and openness. A genuine display of emotion can be contagious and affect your client as well. Anything you can do before the meeting the client to lighten your mood like putting on your favourite song or chewing gum will help. If you appear to be a little stand-offish, then no one will feel like you’re interested in investing in them, and therefore won’t invest in you.

Maintain Online Contact With Tips and Helpful Information

Set up a professional Facebook or Instagram account; whatever you work best with. And don’t be afraid to ask for their social media or at least email. Be sure to stay in contact with them every other week with a personalized message of tips and information to existing clients. Then a quick hot tip or two for your public social media presence to reach other gym members and other followers of your accounts.

 If you have a potential client’s email, then you can check in with them there and remind them of your services. Be sure to promote all types of programs or specials you have on. Mail chimp can be useful as a free email marketing service.

Offer Free Mini Sessions or Attractive Discounts

Sampling sessions are great, and it can be a way for the public to get to know you and get a taste of what you have to offer for them. If you impress them well enough, you could end up with some new clients by the end of the sessions. You don’t have to provide a full-on session, as you will find some are just tire kickers taking advantage of a free session. Offer an introductory class or a trial group where you can get a feel for who will become a once you have distinguished the serious from the blowers.

Host a Fitness and Health Challenge

This can help you to connect with the local community around your gym. Meeting people face to face is the best marketing channel for a personal trainer.

Things that you could do is a jogging event or a weekend boot camp to raise money for a charity which will influence more people to come and participate. The prize at the end should be something that they can redeem at your business, bringing them into your world.

Offer a Free Exercise Class

Training group can give off a community atmosphere, and many clients will enjoy training in small groups to socialize. Group classes can be very beneficial if you have flexible hours where clients can train. Try contacting your local golf course, youth sports group, community groups and ask if they would consider letting you leave flyers for the program at their front desk. Going beyond the local community, you can really build your brand if you partner with a business conference or a creative festival to offer your classes at the event, and gain a bigger scope of exposure.

Business Cards

Time to get creative with business cards which can get your name out there. If you are creative with your cards, you are going to have more people showing interest. Some companies can create them for you for an excellent bulk price if you don’t feel confident in making them yourself.

Networking with The Competition 

You may think your peers are your competition, but personal trainers are only a single person operation. And when one trainer is over-booked on clients, they can refer new clients to someone else. Moreover, your peers can keep you in the loop about the best trends in the industry, and share insights and new findings. Where do I find my peers, you say? Not only travelling to other gyms, but going to business events like pause fest can help you get new contacts, and maybe even some new clients.