Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer

Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer

There are many articles out there that teach you how to promote your gym and services. But if you are a personal trainer who works one on one with your clients in helping them reach their goals, those articles are not going to help you.

If you are a personal trainer looking to build new quality clients, here are some tips:

First Impressions

A simple first impression can leave a last effect on your clients. Being a personal trainer, you will build many different professional relationships. In order to do that you need to be approachable and friendly. Just by saying hello and putting on a bright smile on your face shows your positivity, confidence and openness. A genuine display of emotion can be contagious and affect your client as well. Anything you can do before the meeting the client to lighten your mood like putting on your favourite song or chewing gum will help. If you appear to be a little stand-offish, then no one will feel like you’re interested in investing in them, and therefore won’t invest in you.

Maintain Online Contact With Tips and Helpful Information

Set up a professional Facebook or Instagram account; whatever you work best with. And don’t be afraid to ask for their social media or at least email. Be sure to stay in contact with them every other week with a personalized message of tips and information to existing clients. Then a quick hot tip or two for your public social media presence to reach other gym members and other followers of your accounts.

 If you have a potential client’s email, then you can check in with them there and remind them of your services. Be sure to promote all types of programs or specials you have on. Mail chimp can be useful as a free email marketing service.

Offer Free Mini Sessions or Attractive Discounts

Sampling sessions are great, and it can be a way for the public to get to know you and get a taste of what you have to offer for them. If you impress them well enough, you could end up with some new clients by the end of the sessions. You don’t have to provide a full-on session, as you will find some are just tire kickers taking advantage of a free session. Offer an introductory class or a trial group where you can get a feel for who will become a once you have distinguished the serious from the blowers.

Host a Fitness and Health Challenge

This can help you to connect with the local community around your gym. Meeting people face to face is the best marketing channel for a personal trainer.

Things that you could do is a jogging event or a weekend boot camp to raise money for a charity which will influence more people to come and participate. The prize at the end should be something that they can redeem at your business, bringing them into your world.

Offer a Free Exercise Class

Training group can give off a community atmosphere, and many clients will enjoy training in small groups to socialize. Group classes can be very beneficial if you have flexible hours where clients can train. Try contacting your local golf course, youth sports group, community groups and ask if they would consider letting you leave flyers for the program at their front desk. Going beyond the local community, you can really build your brand if you partner with a business conference or a creative festival to offer your classes at the event, and gain a bigger scope of exposure.

Business Cards

Time to get creative with business cards which can get your name out there. If you are creative with your cards, you are going to have more people showing interest. Some companies can create them for you for an excellent bulk price if you don’t feel confident in making them yourself.

Networking with The Competition 

You may think your peers are your competition, but personal trainers are only a single person operation. And when one trainer is over-booked on clients, they can refer new clients to someone else. Moreover, your peers can keep you in the loop about the best trends in the industry, and share insights and new findings. Where do I find my peers, you say? Not only travelling to other gyms, but going to business events like pause fest can help you get new contacts, and maybe even some new clients.

10 Amazing Benefits of Health Blogging

10 Amazing Benefits of Health Blogging

Just about anyone with some knowledge of content management systems and computers can start there own health blog. However, the real challenge comes down to your content, presentation, and what separates you from the crowd. If you often voice your opinion on various matters on social media, your foot is already in the door of the blogging lifestyle.

There are multiple ways to share content online. Here are some different options:

  • Content management system: This can be a website WordPress or Squarespace, where you can customise it to your liking.
  • Twitter: Using brief sentences and interacting with other Twitter users.
  • Instagram: A visual-based social media platform that places emphasis on images and videos of up to 60 seconds.
  • Youtube: A video sharing platform in which you can upload lengthy videos.
  • Facebook: The most popular social media platform in the world.

The democratisation of publishing and promotion through self-publishing (blogging) and self-marketing (social websites) are breaking down obstacles to prove that you don’t necessarily require a 3-year degree to succeed as a blogger.

Professional Blogging Platform

If you wish to have a critical stake on the internet to exhibit your enthusiasm and knowledge, a self-hosted website with your domain name is a smart way to move. This builds your brand, and it provides you with a strong digital footprint. After starting your own website, seek to secure social media handles of the same name across different platforms. You never know how your blog will grow, as there is always the possibility that it could turn into your day job! If you’re serious about this, invest in the services of a professional website designer. To improve the visibility of your website, then consider the assistance of an Adwords agency.

The 10 Benefits of creating a health Blog

I have found that blogging has numerous side benefits which aren’t apparent from a person looking in. This is precisely what I have discovered to be the bonus advantages to blogging that you might find enabling and possibly enlightening.

#1. You will become a much better author

Blogging provides with time to focus on your writing. Like most skills, you improve with experience. Being able to write down your knowledge helps you improve your voice and tone, as well as the language you use. Health is a very niche category, and you have to understand how to inspire people and enable a positivity in them.

#2. Your video abilities will enhance

If you spend time interviewing individuals with videos or perhaps recording yourself to give online instructions and tips, then your video and audio editing skills will improve with practice. This can be quite difficult at first as you learn to cut footage, transition, and ensure your audio is in sync and mixed clearly.

#3. You learn more about healthy lifestyles

As you write, you will undoubtedly be reading to source new inspiration. A health blog can inspire you to expand your knowledge and do even better. It can also drive you to experience new things. For example, you could travel to Tasmania and write on the healthy aspects of traveling and how it benefits well-being. Checking yourself into a luxury day spa is great for your health and overall wellbeing. You can even visit and dine at an oyster farm in Tasmania, as they have a number of great health benefits when eaten.

#4. Visibility – People will hear you

People find information online now, so in the event that you would like to be discovered and transition into a new fitness career, then your online presence and reputation will support you. A quick search in Google is how we locate people and data now.

#5. Professional status

Perceived or actual, the craft of publishing online through blogging will change you from an amateur to a professional. Keep doing so with sufficient enthusiasm, focus and purpose and you’ll eventually become an expert on your chosen subject if you continue.

#6. Improve your researching methodology

You will develop a method of researching that will work best for you, and save you time. You may identify international health bloggers, pros and resources that will offer the insights and data that you want to provide continuing value for your readers. You may even attend seminars and network with like-minded people and having knowledge shared with you.

#7. Networking, Networking, Networking!

As you begin to become noticed individuals may wish to connect together and catch up for a coffee or invite you one for their own events. You can learn an extensive amount from fellow professionals, and they may also provide you with other opportunities in the future. Down the track, you may even launch a gym or fitness start-up with their support!

#8. Your Memory and Confidence will improve.

Exercising the mind through learning and writing will offer essential exercise for those neurons. Maintaining the body match demands exercise. Your brain needs stimulation and action also to be brain healthy. You’ll be astounded by what you may remember from engaging in psychological gymnastics supplied by blogging actions.

#9. Your Imagination Will Increase

There is nothing like genuine enthusiasm to boost your creativity. You will discover your mind will think more creatively as you go from conscious abilities to emphasising outside-the-box thinking.


#10. Synergizes and Synthesizes Focus

The advantages of online social interaction is that it taps into the mind and supplies you with a feedback loop which will sharpen and reevaluate your goal and passion.

Blogging as Self Fulfillment

Blogging for me was a route to not just to self-reflection but self-gratification which is now a journey of self-discovery. I’ve found what works for me and what does not. I write about issues that resonate with my spirit and purpose while keeping focused. After you put so much work into making this project, you need to protect yourself and your hard work. Investing in data protection services defends personal information and negates hackers. As an extra measure, use a cloud backup service to secure a copy of your data if all is lost.

All these elements combined have supplied an experience which has changed me and many others. It’s an exciting time to live where you’re able to connect online create a vibrant community – it truly transcends what communication once was.

We all have the ability in our hands to make a difference and perhaps leave a heritage. If you adopt this interactive and global social mind by engaging actively, you’ll be amazed and surprised as to where it’ll take you in the healthy lifestyle industry.

Great Food Ideas for Work Catering

Great Food Ideas for Work Catering

Catering for work meetings and functions is far simpler than you’d anticipate. You may feel nervous living up to the expectation of high-profile business coaches and executives, but don’t be scared we have some great tips and ideas. However, don’t go it alone – utilise the assistance of an expert company caterer to take the guesswork from this menu preparation. Meanwhile, we have assembled some thoughts about food which people think can inspire positivity and productivity from the boardroom. Get their attention and keep the energy moving Food in a company meeting should depart the audience energised, alert, and concentrated. Ensure that your co-workers and guests can perform at peak level by supplying lots of fresh, nutritious food. It is essential to keep in mind that healthy does not have to mean dull or tasteless. Maintain the wraps and sandwiches to your meeting or working lunch of the right size and yummy. We advocate considering a gourmet cooking magazine for inspiration check out a number of those tempting fillings:

  • Delicious garlic roast chicken with cranberry and walnut stuffing and lettuce
  • Smoked salmon with dill and low-fat sour cream, garnished with pickled radish.
  • Pea and mint crush, tender feta, honey and cinnamon carrots together with baby spinach

While white bread is the standard choice, look at adding choices like sourdough, rye, brown-bread, or wholemeal. Artisan bread can bring a boring sandwich to the next level and add a wow element. By avoiding foods which are high in sugar or trans-fats, everybody can stay energised, alert, and ready to attack the problems of their day. We have also seen a tendency towards low GI dishes which are packed full of yummy ingredients and vivid colours. Unlike high GI foods that generally make a spike in energy, low GI foods discharge more lasting, slow-burning vitality. When there’s a more gradual, steadier increase of sugar in the bloodstream, then they will keep you full for longer and promote the body to burn off fat. The worker productivity of staff will be much higher when they have the adequate energy to stay focused.

These foods are nutritious, and there are often many vegan and vegetarian options. Serve lean fresh meat and a variety of legumes and dips such as hummus and spinach dip. Sliced roast chicken or beef with sides of roast vegetables will be a popular choice. Antipasti platters with olives, roast eggplant, mozzarella and salads are always a winner, especially for a buffet setting.

Lean meat is a superb illustration of a pure spin on traditional processed hams and salamis. You do not have to be limited to the very simple sandwich and wrap anymore. We’ve got numerous yummy cuisines to try to find the next lunch. From Indian catering to Moroccan, Vietnamese, and Italian, you will never get bored!

Boxed lunches for all those on the move in modern offices can be incredibly portable and flexible, therefore based on the assembly and also the event, we propose the choice of boxed lunches and food your visitors can grab and move. Bento boxes are hugely popular in Japan, and therefore are a lovely and fun way to present meal.

Drinks and dessert: The beauty of owning a lunch that’s filling and healthy, means your guests will not feel the need to gorge on desserts. But, it is always wonderful to have something sweet to finish off a great lunch. A very simple platter of brownies and a fruit salad could often work. While it’s essential to serve tea and coffee, also provide a range of bottled water and juices, so there are lots of alternatives for your visitors to remain hydrated. Bear in mind; food is fuel. Therefore it is crucial that you nourish your visitors and maintain them hydrated during the day.

Fun Holiday Activities For Kids

Already beginning to worry at the idea of these children moaning and becoming bored on the holidays? Listed below are some fun activities to keep them occupied without even leaving the comfort of home.

1. Hold a cupcake/cookie decorating contest

A cupcake or cookie decorating contest is the best way to keep the children amused for a couple hours and have something to enjoy for afternoon tea. Get the children involved with baking a lot of biscuits or sweets, then put them loose with a rainbow of icing colours, bowls of sprinkles and lollies and their imaginations to think of the most amazingly decorated sweet treat of their afternoon.

Each child receives an equal allocation of those newly baked cupcakes to decorate, then the end products are up for judging by a relative or friend. The winning cupcake decorator then gets to decide on the film to be viewed that day or a similar cure.

2. Hold a movie marathon

A rainy day is the best time to organise a film marathon. Maybe select a movie series like Spy Kids or videos using a theme, for example, cartoons, character or humor.

Turn the thought into an occasion by producing invitations for everybody attending. Give every family member something interesting to do – younger kids make good ushers and popcorn vendors, and also the ‘projectionist’ could man the distant and choose the first movie. Why don’t you help the children produce a box office from what else – a box? Children can subsequently sell handmade popcorn and tickets out of their own box office window.

3. Organise a bug hunt in the garden

There is no better way for children to find out about the world about them than simply by getting out into it. Finding bugs is a great way to get kids outdoors and exploring their backyard resulting in great playtime. Get kids looking at flowers, bushes, and tree trunks, as well as turning over some small stones to find bugs. Once they have discovered a bug, put some fresh dirt at the bottom of a container and then pick him up with a spoon or tweezers, then put him carefully in the container. Children can inspect the insect throughout the container with a magnifying glass. As soon as they’re completed, they are able to continue to keep their specimens to get a day or 2 prior to returning them to the backyard.

4. Allow the children into your wardrobe to hold a fashion parade

Clearly, this thought may strike fear in your heart if you are a designer clothes queen, but in case you are not valuable about your style why don’t you provide the children with some second-hand clothing or items you no longer use. They are certain to think it is hilarious fun. Put some lamps in the hallway and play some groovy music where they can strut in their new outfits and have the best time.

5. Turn the table into a cubby

Assist the children to create a table with rugs, sheets, and tablecloths and it’ll turn into their own little refuge where they can do anything they please. If you are handy with a sewing machine, then you may even create a particular tent that fits on your table.

6. Hold a fun sports day

Getting kids active is very beneficial, choose a sport such as basketball or soccer, get some sports equipment and head down to the local park. You can teach some simple drills and hold a friendly game. You can even get some nice custom basketball jerseys made so it feels like a real game. Even some basketball shirts can make them feel more like a team and get their competitive spirit on. Have some medals and trophies for the winning team and best player of the day. Kids can then always have a plat on the playground at the park whilst you’re there, have a bbq because we are sure they will be hungry!

7. Grow a small herb garden

Herbs are fun to develop and your children will enjoy having their very own garden to tend. They are simple to grow from seed, requiring little patience as some herbs, such as cress and rocket, should begin to sprout in no more than two days! Find a bright place in the backyard — many herbs require a great deal of sunlight. Fill out your pots almost-full with potting mixture. Add a dab of compost or and blend in well. Remind kids to water and weed the garden regularly and soon enough you will have fresh herbs to enjoy.

8. Day excursion to the museum or gallery

Children love a good day out and about, you can catch public transport and have lunch beforehand. The museum is like a huge learning and discovery centre for kids, and most museums exhibition showcases dedicated to children and are often fun and interactive. Kids can play and socialise in a safe environment, most museums have exhibits and galleries that are child-friendly with safe airtight cabinets to protect displays.

Health Food Trends of 2018

Hemp Foods

Now that it is legally allowed for consumption in Australia, expect to find an avalanche of hemp foods make their way to the marketplace spanning sandwiches and bakes and bread to smoothies, cleanses and beers. According to sources, the hemp plant is the next greatest source of vegetable protein from the Earth, whilst hemp seeds contain all 21 essential amino acids in addition to the optimal Omega 3 profile. You may not be too familiar with hemp right now but now that it will become a common food source in coming years.

Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been known for their high nutrient and protein foundation but today, a completely new universe of fungi is set to create waves in health food realms. So aside from your traditional cup mushrooms expect to see a range of interesting looking mushrooms pop up in your local fresh food store and greengrocer. Adaptogenic mushrooms have seeped into the mainstream food trends, in forms such as reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Now, they are looking likely to create their way to chocolates, coffees, broths, and teas everywhere, also. Launched in plants and herbs, adaptogens are thought to enhance the immune system and antioxidant levels.

Faux Meats

Together with the vegan flourish in full swing and a few sodium and health aware people giving traditional meats the boot. Faux meats are becoming more commonplace, where meat is composed of soy and vegetable protein and a variety of other sources. Sydney recently obtained its initial vegan deli and artificial bacon is more easily accessible, which means one thing: wholesome food choices are set to become even meatier in 2018. Australians are consuming extremely excessive amounts of meat leading to heart and other health problems, so maybe the increased accessibility of faux meat will reverse that damage.

More Superfood Powders

Turmeric lattes are not anything new but 2018 appears set to usher in additional turmeric-based beverages and meals, together with maca root, cacao, spirulina — you name it — they are coming. Superfood powders are a quick way to acquire a nutrient boost, meaning we are very likely to see much more takes them on, given people are more time-poor and more diet-conscious than ever before. Fast nutrition is a new trend as we see an increase in power boosted take-home meals and ‘healthy’ fast food options such as Poke bowls and burgers.

Root-to-stem Cooking

You may have indulged in making pesto together with your fresh carrot tops but utilizing the entire vegetable is all about to be commonplace in kitchens. Root to stem cooking is naturally a great way to reduce and make the most of your cooking but frequently, the stalks we are so fast to bin are concealing a huge flavour and nutrition. Take broccoli stalks, for example; should you throw it off, then you are binning a whole lot of protein and nutrients. Consuming whole vegetables and just more vegetables, in general, will increase your well-being and create healthy skin and stimulate collagen production.

Edible Flowers

Rose and elderflower have been appearing on bakes and drinks for a while, while edible blossoms continue to up the aesthetic allure of dishes. Do not expect the tendency to vanish anytime soon especially given that the growing belief today of their wellness and therapeutic benefits that blossoms pose. Flowers include natural antibiotic properties and red clover blossoms are a terrific blood purifier. That means it’s possible to find a health boost whilst increasing the pretty, pastel, Instagram allure of your meals at precisely the exact same moment. We are leaning more blossoms making their way on our plates as we make our way through the year.

Sparkling Water

It’s real that these bubbly bottles of flavoured refreshment are here this year. There has been a huge sprout in the increase of flavours and brands on the market with fancy bottles and soda stream devices enticing buyers. Who doesn’t love a bottle of minty fresh or sweet berry water that feels like refreshing facials every time? Sparkling water is a positive trend as it steers people away from very sugary soft drinks and cordials. However, if we can encourage more water consumption is a good trend.


Fancy yourself a matcha latte or matcha infused burger bun? Then you’re in luck because this green tea extract is popping up in more and more locations. It tastes great and is also full of antioxidants found in green tea. Using matcha powder means you get all the nutrient from the tea leaf known as catechins, which can increase mood and improve concentration as well as lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The matcha can even assist in promoting weight loss and burn calories.

7 Tips on How to Exercise Correctly

7 Tips on How to Exercise Correctly

One thing I have found over the years is that a lot of my friends when they get inspired by the way I live, always seem to be telling me stories about injuries caused by strained muscles while working out. There is a right way and a wrong way to exercise so I came up with a list of 7 tips on how to exercise correctly.

1. Always Consult with Your Doctor

It is true that many conditions can be improved by exercising, it is still always a good idea to consult with your doctor sometime before starting any type of workout schedule. The guidance and expertise your doctor can give you to help tailor to your personal needs, especially if living with asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions, is certainly invaluable.

2. Try Looking the Part

Speaking from experience, the last thing you want to be concerned about while working out is any type of discomfort from your workout wear. You should wear clothes that don’t restrict your movements or blood flow. You should also wear breathable material while you sweat because believe me, you will sweat. As far as shoes go, you should select a pair that is matched to the type of exercising you will be doing.


3. Always Do a Warm Up

Before hopping into your workout routine, it is imperative that you do some sort of a warm-up routine. You can do that with a light jog, or a bike ride, by doing some jumping jacks, or any other type of exercise which will raise your heart rate for at least five minutes. However, any form of stretching before you exercising is strongly discouraged, because you may increase the risk of pulling or straining some muscles.

4. Stay Hydrated

Never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated as far as your health goes, especially when exercising. Since you will sweat during a workout, by hydrating your body, that can lessen the risk of muscle cramps that will likely occur with dehydration.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Form

We are not talking about the form you filled in at the gym earlier but form as in not cranking out your repetitions too fast. Even if your workout begins slowly, try maintaining a good form as this can still lead to effective and visible results. If you rush and use jerking movements, particularly while lifting weights, this could cause very serious injury.

7 Tips on How to Exercise Correctly

6. Always Keep Moving

Throughout your workout, you should keep moving to maintain an elevated heart rate. Not a rule but it is a good idea to limit your conversation with others while working out so you can maintain concentration. As a guide though, if you cant hold a conversation, you may be exercising a little too hard. On the flip side of that, if you are chatting a little too much, maybe you are not exercising hard enough.


7. Don’t Forget to REST!

When I say rest, I don’t mean resting on your health goals. All of your muscle groups should have at least a day or two of recovery time in between sessions to help prevent injury. Not only that, you should be listening to your body so if you are feeling incredibly sore one day, do take the day off! Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to injuries from exercising.