Great Food Ideas for Work Catering

Catering for work meetings and functions is far simpler than you’d anticipate. You may feel nervous living up to the expectation of high-profile business coaches and executives, but don’t be scared we have some great tips and ideas. However, don’t go it alone – utilise the assistance of an expert company caterer to take the guesswork from this menu preparation. Meanwhile, we have assembled some thoughts about food which people think can inspire positivity and productivity from the boardroom. Get their attention and keep the energy moving Food in a company meeting should depart the audience energised, alert, and concentrated. Ensure that your co-workers and guests can perform at peak level by supplying lots of fresh, nutritious food. It is essential to keep in mind that healthy does not have to mean dull or tasteless. Maintain the wraps and sandwiches to your meeting or working lunch of the right size and yummy. We advocate considering a gourmet cooking magazine for inspiration check out a number of those tempting fillings:

  • Delicious garlic roast chicken with cranberry and walnut stuffing and lettuce
  • Smoked salmon with dill and low-fat sour cream, garnished with pickled radish.
  • Pea and mint crush, tender feta, honey and cinnamon carrots together with baby spinach

While white bread is the standard choice, look at adding choices like sourdough, rye, brown-bread, or wholemeal. Artisan bread can bring a boring sandwich to the next level and add a wow element. By avoiding foods which are high in sugar or trans-fats, everybody can stay energised, alert, and ready to attack the problems of their day. We have also seen a tendency towards low GI dishes which are packed full of yummy ingredients and vivid colours. Unlike high GI foods that generally make a spike in energy, low GI foods discharge more lasting, slow-burning vitality. When there’s a more gradual, steadier increase of sugar in the bloodstream, then they will keep you full for longer and promote the body to burn off fat. The worker productivity of staff will be much higher when they have the adequate energy to stay focused.

These foods are nutritious, and there are often many vegan and vegetarian options. Serve lean fresh meat and a variety of legumes and dips such as hummus and spinach dip. Sliced roast chicken or beef with sides of roast vegetables will be a popular choice. Antipasti platters with olives, roast eggplant, mozzarella and salads are always a winner, especially for a buffet setting.

Lean meat is a superb illustration of a pure spin on traditional processed hams and salamis. You do not have to be limited to the very simple sandwich and wrap anymore. We’ve got numerous yummy cuisines to try to find the next lunch. From Indian catering to Moroccan, Vietnamese, and Italian, you will never get bored!

Boxed lunches for all those on the move in modern offices can be incredibly portable and flexible, therefore based on the assembly and also the event, we propose the choice of boxed lunches and food your visitors can grab and move. Bento boxes are hugely popular in Japan, and therefore are a lovely and fun way to present meal.

Drinks and dessert: The beauty of owning a lunch that’s filling and healthy, means your guests will not feel the need to gorge on desserts. But, it is always wonderful to have something sweet to finish off a great lunch. A very simple platter of brownies and a fruit salad could often work. While it’s essential to serve tea and coffee, also provide a range of bottled water and juices, so there are lots of alternatives for your visitors to remain hydrated. Bear in mind; food is fuel. Therefore it is crucial that you nourish your visitors and maintain them hydrated during the day.