Health Food Trends of 2018

Hemp Foods

Now that it is legally allowed for consumption in Australia, expect to find an avalanche of hemp foods make their way to the marketplace spanning sandwiches and bakes and bread to smoothies, cleanses and beers. According to sources, the hemp plant is the next greatest source of vegetable protein from the Earth, whilst hemp seeds contain all 21 essential amino acids in addition to the optimal Omega 3 profile. You may not be too familiar with hemp right now but now that it will become a common food source in coming years.

Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been known for their high nutrient and protein foundation but today, a completely new universe of fungi is set to create waves in health food realms. So aside from your traditional cup mushrooms expect to see a range of interesting looking mushrooms pop up in your local fresh food store and greengrocer. Adaptogenic mushrooms have seeped into the mainstream food trends, in forms such as reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Now, they are looking likely to create their way to chocolates, coffees, broths, and teas everywhere, also. Launched in plants and herbs, adaptogens are thought to enhance the immune system and antioxidant levels.

Faux Meats

Together with the vegan flourish in full swing and a few sodium and health aware people giving traditional meats the boot. Faux meats are becoming more commonplace, where meat is composed of soy and vegetable protein and a variety of other sources. Sydney recently obtained its initial vegan deli and artificial bacon is more easily accessible, which means one thing: wholesome food choices are set to become even meatier in 2018. Australians are consuming extremely excessive amounts of meat leading to heart and other health problems, so maybe the increased accessibility of faux meat will reverse that damage.

More Superfood Powders

Turmeric lattes are not anything new but 2018 appears set to usher in additional turmeric-based beverages and meals, together with maca root, cacao, spirulina — you name it — they are coming. Superfood powders are a quick way to acquire a nutrient boost, meaning we are very likely to see much more takes them on, given people are more time-poor and more diet-conscious than ever before. Fast nutrition is a new trend as we see an increase in power boosted take-home meals and ‘healthy’ fast food options such as Poke bowls and burgers.

Root-to-stem Cooking

You may have indulged in making pesto together with your fresh carrot tops but utilizing the entire vegetable is all about to be commonplace in kitchens. Root to stem cooking is naturally a great way to reduce and make the most of your cooking but frequently, the stalks we are so fast to bin are concealing a huge flavour and nutrition. Take broccoli stalks, for example; should you throw it off, then you are binning a whole lot of protein and nutrients. Consuming whole vegetables and just more vegetables, in general, will increase your well-being and create healthy skin and stimulate collagen production.

Edible Flowers

Rose and elderflower have been appearing on bakes and drinks for a while, while edible blossoms continue to up the aesthetic allure of dishes. Do not expect the tendency to vanish anytime soon especially given that the growing belief today of their wellness and therapeutic benefits that blossoms pose. Flowers include natural antibiotic properties and red clover blossoms are a terrific blood purifier. That means it’s possible to find a health boost whilst increasing the pretty, pastel, Instagram allure of your meals at precisely the exact same moment. We are leaning more blossoms making their way on our plates as we make our way through the year.

Sparkling Water

It’s real that these bubbly bottles of flavoured refreshment are here this year. There has been a huge sprout in the increase of flavours and brands on the market with fancy bottles and soda stream devices enticing buyers. Who doesn’t love a bottle of minty fresh or sweet berry water that feels like refreshing facials every time? Sparkling water is a positive trend as it steers people away from very sugary soft drinks and cordials. However, if we can encourage more water consumption is a good trend.


Fancy yourself a matcha latte or matcha infused burger bun? Then you’re in luck because this green tea extract is popping up in more and more locations. It tastes great and is also full of antioxidants found in green tea. Using matcha powder means you get all the nutrient from the tea leaf known as catechins, which can increase mood and improve concentration as well as lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The matcha can even assist in promoting weight loss and burn calories.